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Coat of Arms

A Coat of Arms is the Family’s ensign handed down from father to son, a symbol of the stock’s continuity. It was placed on homes, tombs, armour and carved on seals. Later the heraldists gathered these emblems in codes and collections preserved in Libraries and Archives.
We have collected and classified a large part of this material, and are continuing to retreive and and bringing up to date the Coats of Arms of Italian families. We tackle any study in this particular line, and each crest we supply a fine reproduction in colour, hand-painted by skilled artists on parchment paper measuring 35×50 cms. The source from which the Crest was obtained is clearly stated at the foot of the sketch, authenticated by our Director’s signature and the Institute’s Seal. At the foot of the Crest is inserted in Gothic characters a short account of the family’s historical background.

Libro Storia della Casata

The study of the history of Italian families and the compilation of their relative historical-heraldic records has been our business for over a hundred years. The research for the origins of families, their remote past, the places they came from are essential steps in the compilation of the stock’s history. The Book we compile contains photostat copies of all the information gathered from original sources. It offers therefore a complete picture of events and of cospicuous members of the family. The research undertaken also brings to light the titles of Nobility the family enjoyed throughout the centuries by means of documented references to those which, even if no longer used because of the Alternate vicissitudes suffred by the family, could now be claimed and resumed by the present descendants. The Book, 25×35 cms. in size, bears on the front page a hand-painted reproduction of the Crest finely executed in colour. The classic style binding completes in a most elegant manner this interesting and important work.

Albero Genealogico

The Genealogical Family Tree reconstitutes the direct ancestry of the applicant, tracing back through the various generations the family’s remotest progenitor that can be documented with no discontinuity by a search for and collection of all birth, marriage and death certificates that can be found in the Archives of State Registries, in those of the Parishes or Communal and State Archives, and relating to the past members of the family. These researches may yield interesting information often unknown to the present generations, as famous relationships, privileges enjoyed by its members, titles of Nobility abandoned by the ancestors for various reasons. However, an enterprise of this kind can be undertaken for the satisfaction of knowing one’s ancestors even if they were not of illustrious lineage. Each document in official form or in photocopy, presented, commented upon and registered is the guarantee of a search made with the utmost seriousness having legal, juridical international value.

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